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Using Wagepoint's Employee Portal

Wagepoint's employee portal is the employee self-serve feature of Wagepoint. By inviting your employees to use the employee portal, they can update their contact and banking information and access their paystubs at any time. 

Note: Make sure you have "Enabled" your employees before you send them an invite to use the employee portal.

In the "Dashboard", your employees can see the payroll calendar and all paystubs - the "Payroll calendar" highlights the paydates for your company, and the "Payroll history" shows all paystubs that have run in our system so far. By clicking the "Details", your employee can view the paystub. 

In the "My Info" tab, your employees can update their contact information, and this information will get automatically updated in the system at the administrative end. Click "Save Changes" to finalize your updated contact info.

When your employee receives the confirmation email to access their employee portal, they will receive a temporary password, which can be updated by "Changing the password" in the "My Info" tab. 

In the "Work Info" tab, your employees can view all the information related to their job, but they cannot make any changes as it read-only.

In the "Bank Info" tab, your employee can add or update their bank account information. You need this information if your employees are set up for direct deposit.