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The Person

Within the "Employee" > "Active" section, you will find the "Person" tab. This is where you can enter all your employee's personal information such as home address, contact details, email address (particularly important if you want them to use their Employee Portal), birth date, SIN number, etc.

  1. Select "Employee" > "Active"
  2. You will be taken to the "Person" tab directly when you create an employee record. However, if you are coming back to this after first creating all your employee records, just click the edit (gear wheel) icon beside your employee's name to fill in the blanks.
  3. The first and last name, hire date and province the employee works in will already be populated as a part of creating their record.
  4. Select their "Birth date" from the drop-down calendar.
  5. Input the SSN number into the field. This is not mandatory to running the payroll, but you will need to include this information for their W-2 records.
  6. Identify if this person has been hired as an employee / contractor by selecting the right option from the "Person Type".
  7. Enter the employee's address details including contact information (phone numbers & email).
  8. Any additional information needed for employee may be entered in the "Notes" section.
  9. Click "Save Changes" and you have entered your employee's personal details.