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The Job

"The Job" tab is where you can enter all your employee's job specific information and set up their vacation details. 

  1. Select "Employee" from the top group of tabs. The page will default to display the "Active" Employee tab.
  2. You will land on " The Person" tab when you click the name of the employee or the edit (gear wheel) icon. From there select "The Job" tab to enter the job specific information.
  3. The pay rate and the paygroup you assigned as a part of creating the employee record will already be populated.
  4. Enter the "Expected hours per Week", e.g. 35
  5. Select the ""Location", Job Title", &"Department" from the list of options you created during the company setup.
  6. Click "Save Changes" and all the job related information for this employee has now been saved in the system.