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Tax Info - Tax Rates

The "Tax" tab is where you can access the tax information for your company.

  1. Select "Tax" from the top group of tabs. The page will default to display the "Tax Rates & Freq" tab.
  2. Your state Department of Revenue, Department of Labor, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will issue you tax account numbers, as well as rates for your Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and State Unemployment Insurance (SUI).  Please enter those account number and rates below. (NOTE: If you have locations in different states, please enter each rate individually.)
  3. The account numbers and rates are required for tax processing. Wagepoint is not responsible for penalites or fees levied by the tax authorities for failing to provide the correct account numbers and rates when processing the taxes.
  4. Wagepoint defaults the state and federal values in these fields. If you receive a notice from your tax authority with new rates, please enter those rates here. You can change one or both rates at any time. Once changed, the next pay cycle after the change will use the new rates for the calculations.