Setting Final Pay  | Wagepoint

Setting Final Pay

Final Pay is essentially the complete dues owed to an employee when he/she is getting terminated. It is important to remember that final pay only needs to be set up in the system if you are planning to pay your employee via direct deposit. 

  1. Select "Employees" which will default to the "Active" tab.
  2. Click the "Edit" (gear wheel) icon for the employee you are going to terminate.
  3. Select the "Income" tab for this employee.
  4. Click "Add Income"
  5. You may select a specific "Charge Dept" (if applicable)
  6. Select "Final Pay" as the income type.
  7. Enter the "Amount due" to the employee.
  8. Select the frequency as "Once on the next pay".
  9. You can enter the "Hours associated with the payment".
  10. Click "Save Income" and you have set the final pay for this employee. 

    Note: If you are going to pay the employee by check, it is absolutely critical that you remove all bank accounts from the employee record so as to avoid double paying an employee.