Integrating with QuickBooks Online | Wagepoint

Integrating with QuickBooks Online

If you use QuickBooks Online to manage your company's accounting needs, you can now integrate Wagepoint with your QuickBooks Online account to import all your necessary payroll reports.

1. Select "Add-ons" from the drop down menu, beside your avatar, at the top of the page.

2. The page will default to the "Integrations" tab, listing the various product integrations Wagepoint offers. To integrate with QuickBooks Online, click "Get the App".

3. Once you are taken to the QuickBooks tab, you can choose to "Log In" to your existing QuickBooks Online account or "Sign Up for Free", which will take you to the QuickBooks site. Click the option that best suits you.

4. Once you have successfully logged in to your QuickBooks Online account and authorized the Wagepoint integration by linking vendors, you will be directed back to the QuickBooks tab so you can start customizing your QuickBooks settings.

5. You will need to assign your "Chart of Accounts", and you can either set it up based on the Journal entries or bills. 

Uploading information using the Journal Entries option will give you a clearer breakdown of payroll expenses, whereas uploading information using the Bills option will give you a summary of all the payroll expenses. 

You only have to assign your chart of accounts using one of these options, and it depends on your own preference for how you would like to see your payroll details in QuickBooks. 


6. Export Payroll Data as a BILL or JOURNAL INFORMATION.

Depending on the option you used for setting up your Chart of Accounts, you will see the same two options for exporting information from Wagepoint to your QuickBooks account.

Just a word of caution - if you set up your chart of accounts using the Bills option, you will run into an error if you attempt to upload information into QuickBooks using the Journal entries option. 

7. You have to choose the paygroup and pay period for which you want to import information. When you log in to QuickBooks Online, you will see the pay period reflected as a date stamp in your 'Recent Transactions' log. 

8. You can also include copies of your reports as PDF files for auditing purposes. This will ensure you always have a locked in copy of all your payroll reports from Wagepoint. 

9. Once the information has been successfully exported, you'll see a confirmation message along the top of the screen. 

10. You now log in to your QuickBooks account and see the uploaded information in your 'Recent Transactions' log. The date stamp against the upload will indicate what pay period information has been exported into QuickBooks Online. 

You can turn off the integration by clicking the "Deactivate the app" button at any time by going back to the Add-ons page.