Paygroups | Wagepoint


A paygroup consolidates a set of employees within a company for payroll processing, based on common requirements such as:

  • Worker type (employees or contractors), 
  • Pay frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly), 
  • Same country location (applicable if you have employees or contractors working across North America), and so on.

During the setup of your "Company Info", you select the frequency of your payroll and create the default paygroup, let's say "Bi-weekly". But if your company also employs a group of people that are paid weekly, you have to set up a secondary paygroup to accommodate their payroll. 

  1. Select the "Company" tab. The page will default to the "Company Info" tab. Select the tab labeled "Paygroups".
  2. You will see the default paygroup already set up in the system.
  3. Click the "Add a Paygroup" button to add additional paygroups.
  4. Select the "Employee Location" from the drop-down menu. 
  5. Select the "Pay Frequency" from the list of options. There are 4 frequencies – Weekly (paid once a week - 52 per year), Bi-Weekly (paid every two weeks - 26 per year),Semi-Monthly (paid twice a month – 24 per year), and Monthly (paid once a month – 12 per year). As an employer you have the option of setting up as many paygroups as you need. For each paygroup, you will be able to establish the first pay period (start, end, and pay date) for your first payroll in the system. Our system will use the paygroup frequency to create all of the subsequent pay periods.
  6. Give the paygroup a name e.g. "Weekly"
  7. Click "Save" and you have created an additional paygroup.