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Feature update: Off-cycle payroll and Improved payroll time sheets

We are constantly working behind-the-scenes to make our product better for you. Figuring out and prioritizing what improvements need to be made can only happen with your feedback, which is why it's so important you keep those "I'd love if Wagepoint had this feature" emails coming! 

We also want to give you a forum to check in on our feature releases and get first-hand information on how the new feature is going to work to simplify your payroll processing even further.

Towards that end, I'd like to announce the launch of our "Feature Updates" category in our Knowledge Base. You'll be able to access this section via the in-app "Support" tab at any time.

In our first Feature Update post, we have three new exciting (well, as exciting as a payroll feature can be) updates for you. 


As most of you are aware, our payroll software automatically generates the pay period dates based on your payroll frequency. Those are what we would call on-cycle payrolls, which means if you pay bi-weekly, the system will automatically select the next two weeks for the following payroll.

Off-cycle payrolls are those payrolls you need to run outside your normal cycle, typically because you need to make corrections or for a more joyous reason, you need to hand out bonuses. 

So far, off-cycle payroll processing has been a bit of a drag in our software (read: payroll pain for you and us!). But with the launch of this new feature, Wagepoint users can now rejoice! With a simple toggle of a button, you can run an off-cycle payroll at anytime in the app. Did I mention that you can even apply deductions you want taken out with these off-cycle runs? 

Can't wait to test out this new, cool feature? We have added a handy article outlining step-by-step instructions in our Knowledge base, look for Off-cycle Payroll under Wagepoint USA or Wagepoint Canada


We just hired a User Interface (UI) specialist to work on making our friendly product, even friendlier. We're planning on rolling out a new-and-improved Wagepoint 3.0 by this summer. 

We aren't saying that our app isn't in good shape right now, 'coz our current version sure passes the "my-grandma-can-use-it" sniff test, but now we want it to also pass the "my-5-yr-old-can-use-it" sniff test.

For those of you who just snickered, that's an important benchmark for a company who wants to build the simplest, fastest and friendliest payroll software.

That said, we couldn't wait until v 3.0 to push this UI improvement through - this is a feature that so many of you have been asking us for, and it's finally here.

You can now add those additional incomes for your hourly or salaried employees right on the payroll timesheet. So, instead of going into the Employee > Income code tab to add an income type, individually for each and every one of your employees (damn those commission checks!), you can now add them right at the time you are processing your payroll. 

For more information, you can check out the Income Types help article for Wagepoint USA or Wagepoint Canada.


What?! This is a new feature?

Yes - it is, well maybe not a full-blown feature and all, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. 

Now in your account settings, you can select if you would like to enter time into the input fields as a decimal e.g. 7.25 hours or in minutes e.g. 7:25. 

You can update these settings via Account Settings > Company Settings.

And that's it folks!

All these features are now live in the app, so if you have any questions about how to use them or want to suggest any further improvements, please do let us know.