Off-cycle Payroll | Wagepoint

Off-cycle Payroll

Wagepoint automatically sets the pay period and pay dates after your first payroll in the system. These dates are generated based on the payroll frequency you set up for your company, and these payrolls are considered on-cycle. 

On the other hand, off-cycle payrolls are typically run to make a correction or to issue bonuses and such, and these payrolls don't follow the normal payroll frequency. 

The Off-cycle function now allows you to run an extra payroll in between your regularly scheduled payrolls. 

1. To run an off-cycle payroll, you have to select the paygroup for whom you want to run your payroll and then you click "Next" to set up the dates.

2. The pay period and pay date will automatically generate based on your normal payroll frequency, but you can toggle the Off-cycle button and set it to "Yes" in order to run an off-cycle payroll. 

3. When the Off-cycle payroll is set to "Yes", you will notice that the last day of the pay cycle automatically goes back a day.

4. You must select a Pay Cycle End Date that is at least one day later than your most recently completed payroll and one day less than your next scheduled pay cycle end date. It is recommended to use the next day after your most recently completed payroll end date.

5. You will notice that you're able to select the deductions that you'd like to apply to the Off-cycle pay. By default, no deductions will be withheld for an Off-cycle Payroll.

6. You proceed to enter the hours for your hourly employees on this off-cycle run. Remember, the software defaults to "Yes" for the "Ok to Pay" column, so you should set it to "No" for those employees who don't need to be included in this off-cycle payroll.

7. You will also notice that you can now add additional incomes right on the payroll timesheet by selecting the applicable income type from the drop down, similar to how the deductions were added for the off-cycle run.

8. After you have entered the details for your hourly employees, you can select your salaried employees, if any, for the off-cycle run.

9. You "Process" the payroll, and you can then review the final payroll information for this off-cycle run, and if everything looks good, you go ahead and click "Approve" to finalize the payroll.

10. The off-cycle payroll follows the same processing timelines, so you need to approve an off-cycle run four (4) business days prior to the desired pay date. Once the payroll is finalized, the reports will become accessible via the "Reports" tab.