Managing email notifications  | Wagepoint

Managing email notifications

You have the ability manage the email notices that are automatically system generated and sent to you as an administrator (admin).

Activating or deactivating any admin notices:

  • Click on the Avatar (picture) in the upper right corner for the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Account Settings.”
  • Under the “Settings” tab, scroll down to get to the “Notification Settings” and “Admin Notices” sections.

  • Manage your settings by using the toggle buttons to say “Yes” or “No.” 

  • Once you’re done, remember to “Save” your changes.


  • If you set any of the users to “No” listed under “Admin Notices”— that user will not receive any notifications listed under the notification settings.

  • If you set any of the notices to “No” listed under “Notification Sections”  — none of the admin users will receive that particular notice.