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Inviting Employees to Wagepoint's Employee Portal

Wagepoint's Employee Portal is a feature that allows your employees to access their paystubs online at any time and keep their contact & banking information updated.

At year-end, your employees will also be able to access their W2 / 1099 via this account.

In order to invite your employees, you need to ensure that all of your employees' email addresses have been entered in the system.

The application shows you which employees have their email addresses missing so that you can go in and update their information. Employees missing an email address will have a grey/faded mail icon in the "Employees" > "Active" section.

To add an email address for an employee, select the "Edit" (gear wheel) icon and input the email address in the "Contact Details" column space in "The Person" tab. Finish by clicking the "Save Changes" button.

Once the email address has been added into the system, you can send them an email invitation to access their accounts by clicking the now active mail icon.