Integrating with uAttend | Wagepoint

Integrating with uAttend

If you use the uAttend time clock or timekeeping software to manage your employees, you can now process payroll for your hourly employees faster with the Wagepoint integration. 

  • Click the "Add-ons" link at the top of the page.
  • The page will default to the "Integrations" tab, listing the various product integrations Wagepoint offers. To integrate with uAttend, click "Get the App".

  • Once you have activated the uAttend integration, you will see a tab labelled uAttend. 
  • The Wagepoint <> uAttend integration works by allowing you to import a Timesheet Summary Report from uAttend as a CSV file directly into the payroll timesheet for your hourly employees. 
  • The first step is to set up your exporting preferences in uAttend via the Settings tab. 
  • Select Wagepoint as your export preference and remember to maintain the default pay code headers (see image below) to ensure that your information is imported correctly for each payroll. 
  • Once your export preferences are set up, you are ready to run a summary report. 
  • Pick the departments you want to include in the summary report and click Run Summary.
  • Click the Export link on the top right hand side of the menu to export the report as a CSV file. Remember: Wagepoint only accepts the Timesheet Summary Report in a CSV file format. 
  • If you are setting up your employees in uAttend, use the payroll IDs that are listed on your uAttend integration tab in Wagepoint.