Integrating with TSheets | Wagepoint

Integrating with TSheets

If you use TSheets to manage employee schedules and track time, you can now integrate it with Wagepoint to easily import hours and process payroll accurately and on time.

Before you start:

  • Your company should be set up (have an active account) in both Wagepoint and TSheets.

  • The first and last names of your employees must be an exact match (identical) in both apps to avoid any issues with importing hours.

  • You cannot have any employees with multiple pay rates as this functionality is not currently supported.

  • You must have admin status in TSheets and use your admin login credentials to connect your TSheets account to Wagepoint

    • If a non-admin account is used to log in, the connection will not be completed and you will be taken back to the TSheets add-on page in Wagepoint.

Activating the integration:
  • Click the "Add-ons" link from the drop-down menu next to the avatar icon.

  • From the list of available add-ons, select TSheets by clicking the “Get this app” button.

  • Click the “Log in” button to connect Wagepoint to your TSheets admin account, which will authorize the importation of hours. 

  • If you manage multiple clients on TSheets under your admin credentials, you will have the option of selecting the credentials for the specific client account you want to connect with Wagepoint

  • Once the accounts have been successfully connected, the integration will be enabled. 


Importing hours from TSheets into Wagepoint:

  • As you start to process a payroll in Wagepoint, you will have the option to “Import TSheets Hours” on the "Hourly" tab.

  • By clicking the button to import the hours, the total hours (approved and unapproved) will be pulled into Wagepoint for all employees who have an account in both TSheets and Wagepoint.

  • The imported hours will only be for the payroll/pay cycle and the total hours (both approved and unapproved) will be imported from the TSheets Payroll Report.

  • Employees with unapproved hours in TSheets will be highlighted in orange

  • You will have two options for employees with unapproved hours:

    • Update the hours and only pay the approved hours in Wagepoint.

    • Log in to TSheets and approve any pending time and re-process the payroll in Wagepoint.  

  • Regular hours will be displayed as a function of time (hours worked) in the “Hours” column in Wagepoint.

  • Overtime (OT) hours will be displayed as a function of time (hours worked) in the “OT Hours” column in Wagepoint.

  • Double Overtime will be displayed as a function of money (hours worked x hourly rate x 2) in the “Double Overtime” column in Wagepoint

    • If this income code has not been set up at the company level in Wagepoint, but has been used in TSheets, this income type will be automatically created through this integration.

  • Once the hours have been reviewed and no further changes are required, you can click the “Next” button to continue processing payroll in Wagepoint.

Setting up employee accounts in both apps:

  • If an employee is set up in one application but not the other, this employee will appear on the "Hourly" tab in Wagepoint in a new section – Employee accounts.

  • If you have an employee who’s in TSheets but not in Wagepoint, you will have the option to click the “Add in Wagepoint” link to create an employee record in Wagepoint.

  • If you have an employee who’s in Wagepoint but not in TSheets, you will have the option to click the “Add in TSheets” link to log in to your TSheets account and create an employee record in TSheets.