Deductions | Wagepoint


In order to account for all the company deductions that you set up when processing your employee's payroll, you need to add the relevant deductions for each employee.

  1. Select "Employee" from the top group of tabs. The page will default to display the "Active" Employee tab, where you will select the employee you wish to add deductions for (you can also click the edit (gear wheel) icon.
  2. You will land on the "Person" tab.
  3. Hover over "More" and select "Deductions" to add the applicable company deductions.
  4. Click "Add Deduction". Choose the type of deduction from the list of options you created.
  5. Input "EmployEE pays" amount into the field, depending on the deduction that was selected. 
  6. Identify if these deductions need to be calculated as "%" or if you want to enter the actual "$" value. 
  7. Select the frequency i.e. "Just for the next pay" or "Every pay".
  8. Click "Save" and you have taken care of the company deductions for your employee.