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Credit Application

No payroll application is complete without a completed credit application to make sure that everything is perfectly kosher :) 

The credit application is a straightforward form that our customers need to complete as a part of our internal compliance requirements. It is also a mandatory part of the set up for companies to run their payroll on the app.

Completing the Credit Application

Without a saved credit application, a user cannot actually process their payroll within the system. Also, once the information has been entered into the form and saved, it cannot be edited at a later time. So, please ensure that you are completing your credit application as accurately as possible.

  1. Select the "Payments" > "Credit Application" tabs.
  2. Enter your "Company Legal Name" and "Years of Operation"
  3. Answer the "Credit Information Questionnaire" - If you answer "Yes" to any one of the first four questions, you have to provide relevant details in order to save the application.
  4. Provide at least one "Business Reference" as a part of your application.
  5. Once you hit "Save", your credit application will be stored as a read-only copy.