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Company Info

Within the "Company" section, the first tab is "Company Info". This is where you create paygroup(s) by selecting a frequency of payroll, enter all your company details like FEIN number, address, phone numbers, etc.

  1. Select the "Company" tab. The page will default to the "Company Info" tab. You will see a "Business Contact" column and a "Payroll Details" column.
  2. In the "Business Contact" column, the "Company name" will already be populated for you as it would have been entered during the sign up process.
  3. If your legal company name is different, enter your "Doing Business As (DBA) Company name". Your DBA name will also be displayed on your company pay stubs.
  4. Enter the "Contact Email" for the person who will be the main contact person for the government in case there are any questions about the payroll, specifically the contact person for bank and tax purposes. 
  5. Enter your location details - company phone numberaddress and the city and state where your business operates, including the postal code.

  6. In the "Payroll Details" , specify the "Employee Location" using the drop-down menu.
  7. Enter your "FEIN number", and your official federal tax remittance schedule. (If you do not know your schedule, choose semi-weekly. Please contact the IRS to determine your official schedule. You can change this at anytime.)
  8. Upload a copy of your SS-4 confirmation letter from the IRS. The IRS SS-4 is the form that is used to obtain an Employer Identification Number (FEIN).


9. Click "Save Changes" and your company information is all set up.